What We Do and How Well We Do It

Star-Ray Pipeline specializes in excavating and installing underground wet utilities for commercial, residential, and public works projects of all types and sizes. We have invested in a fleet of heavy equipment that we own and operate, including excavators, loaders, backhoes, skid steers, end dumps, dump trucks, service trucks, pothole machines, jetter trailers and camera trucks. We also own state-of-the-art digital equipment, GPS machines and lasers, ensuring precision and accuracy. All of our diesel trucks and off-road equipment are registered and in compliance with current California Air Resources Board regulations.

Star-Ray uses the latest computer software and technology to ensure accuracy for quantifying, estimating, layout and project management, which allows us to be cost efficient, provide superior craftsmanship, and complete projects on time.

Our construction crews are trained in OSHA regulations, asbestos pipe abatement, CPR, trench safety, confined space entry, and other programs. Our employees are true craftsmen with diverse skills in installing a wide variety of materials.

Storm Drain Systems

Reinforced concrete, corrugated steel, PVC plastic and high-density polyethylene pipe.
Precast and poured-in-place manholes, curb inlets, drop inlets, dry wells and pump stations.
Detention systems, bio-retention planters and vegetative swales.
Storm filter tanks, clarifiers, interceptors, inlet and outlet structures, headwalls and erosion-resistant riprap construction.

Sanitary Sewer Systems

PVC plastic, ductile iron and vitrified clay pipe.
Precast and poured-in-place manholes, grease interceptors and lift stations.
Septic tanks and leach fields.

Fire, Domestic and Reclaimed Water Systems

PVC plastic and ductile iron pipe.
Fire hydrants, detector check valves, post indicator valves, and fire department connections.
Meters and backflow preventers.
Connections to existing water mains requiring hot taps or temporary shutdowns.
Insulated backflow enclosures.

Dry Utilities

Gas pipe installations.
Excavation and backfill for electrical, cable and telecommunication conduits.
Pull boxes and transformer pads.

High Safety Standards

We keep pace with increasingly stringent and complex construction standards, inspection and safety requirements through close communication with regulatory agencies and our robust employee training program.

Our employees are trained in trenching and excavation safety, confined space entry, asbestos removal and CPR. Our IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program) is continually updated to comply with the latest OSHA requirements. Some of our projects have earned Cal/OSHA Golden Gate Partnership Program safety commendations in recognition of our enduring commitment to health and safety.